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There are 2 methods of effectively killing mosquitoes: mosquito spraying and mosquito magnets. Which is the best choice for your outdoor area?

Aesthetic Qualities of Mosquito magnets vs. Mosquito Spraying

Mosquito spraying works like typical pest control, by killing and repelling. Where as mosquito magnets emit cO2 attracting more bugs into your yard than even wanted to be there to begin with, these devices essentially invite more mosquitoes to the party along with plenty of other bugs! Not all of the bugs and mosquitoes will come in contact with the device and will instead lurk in the air, trees, and bushes near the light. We tell most people if you already own one give it to your neighbor down the street for a christmas present! After a few days of use, the mosquito magnet will become full of dead bugs inside it's trapping net and will require emptying not to mention the bi weekly propane fills and constant smell of gas! It does not lend well to a clean, comfortable, outdoor atmosphere.
Unlike mosquito magnets, mosquito spraying systems are virtually maintenance free, in fact we'll do it all for you! Mosquito spraying deters mosquitoes and other bugs from coming into a designated area. The average system requires a refill every 3 to 4 months and keep mosquitoes from venturing into the misted area. Instead of being an ear and eyesore, mosquito spraying works by gently spraying a small 30 to 45 second mist around the perimeter of your area 3 to 4 times throughout the late night. The mist includes a solution of pyrethrum, a substance derived from natural chrysanthemum flowers, that repels mosquitoes without repelling your guests

Coverage Area of Mosquito Zapping vs. Mosquito Spraying 

Mosquito spraying systems can cover an area as large as necessary. This is accomplished by placing mosquito spraying misters around the perimeter of the yard. The larger the area of coverage, the more mosquito spraying nozzles are used to cover the area. One mosquito misting system can supply many nozzles as seen in the image below or 120 to 140 nozzles that's approximatley 1.25 acres! making mosquito misting a simple and cost effective way to protect a large area from mosquitoes.

More for information about our monthly mosquito fogging or our advanced misting system, please contact us today or request a free quote!


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