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MistAway is the best automated misting system available today. It was designed to dramatically reduce biting insect populations in both residential and commercial applications. This effective control of mosquitoes and other biting insects creates a comfortable, enjoyable environment year round.

The Mosquitoes & More MistAway System is designed to meet the specific needs of each application. Nozzles are installed around the perimeter of the home and other structures, along the fence line, and on trees to create a protection barrier.

Mosquitoes & More utilizes a 55-gallon, 125-gallon, or tankless control unit and pump system. Virtually maintenance free! 


The average installation system consist of 25-28 nozzles. Our largest system can opperate 120 nozzles and cover 1200 linear feet of area: that's approximately 1-1.5 acres! Multiple system discounts are available for larger situations.

Each application is unique and will require an individual quote.

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We have the largest product offering in Central Florida


  • Remote Control
  • for misting in between timed sprays
  • Battery Back-up
  • one less clock to reset if the electricity goes out
  • Digital Timer
  • allows you to fully customize each mist to be a different amount of spray to control your yard with the minimum amount of chemicals
  • Automatic updates for daylight savings time
  • that's right; our latest systems will automatically update the time
  • Liquid Level indicator
  • only one of its kind on the market today; means no system downtime
  • Multiple Size Reservoirs
  • with a 55-gallon, 125-gallon, or tankless options, we have a system that will be perfectly designed to fit your situation and refill needs
  • 1/2 HP Motor/Stainless Steel Pump
  • integrated canned pump/motor package which offers run-dry capability
  • Pump Assembly
  • nickel-plated brass construction
  • Nickel Plated Silver Fittings
  • greater corrosion protection
  • Stainless steel push fittings
  • rust-resistant; can be easily cleaned
  • Weather Resistant Cover
  • protects components in inclement weather
  • Comprehensive Manual
  • great for quick reference
  • State of the Art Design
  • created for residential & commercial applications

Gen 1.3 - 55 Gallon Digital Drum


    • - Custom designed digital controller
    • - Up to 12 daily mist cycles
    • - Independent mist duration for each cycle
    • - Specific misting days can be programmed
    • - Agitation before each cycle
    • - Wireless remote which allows user to Start, Stop or Skip cycle
    • - Tank level indicator
    • - Weatherproof custom fit cover
    • - Leak detection (optional)

    • - Dimension: 55 gal 24”L x 24”W x 42”H
    • - Enclosure: Molded Polyethylene Plastic
    • - Pump: 250 PSI
    • - Motor: 120Volt / ½ HP
    • - Amps: 7.8
    • - Reservoir Filter: 100 Mesh Aluminum
 Gen III - Digital Tankless Unit

    • - Snap in insecticide cartridges
    • - Interchangeable insecticides – can be changed on demand
    • - Custom designed digital controller
    • - Up to 12 daily mist cycles available
    • - Independent mist duration for each cycle
    • - Agitation before every mist cycle
    • - Wireless remote control
    • - Leak detection

    • - Dimension: 22”L x 13.75”W x 22”H
    • - Pump Pressure: 240 PSI
    • - Motor: 120Volt / ½ HP
    • - Amps: 7.8
    • - Controller: Digital

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