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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sets the Mosquitoes and More Mist Away System apart from other misting systems? Mosquito Misting System Features that Matter Mosquito spray systems are not created equal. And MistAway has an advantage. We are the industry leader by a wide margin, and benefit from having the largest installed base of operating systems. Our advantage is that we let the ideas and experiences of our certified mosquito misting system dealers - who have installed and continue to service almost 15,000 of our systems - drive our engineering and design.

MistAway's misting systems offer smarter features than our competitors.

Produce the Same Mosquito Mist Every Time: Without mixing, the active ingredients in the dilute insecticide tend to settle near the bottom or migrate to the top of the suspension. As a consequence, the concentration of the mix can change from mist cycle to mist cycle. And, in a hot stagnant drum, bacteria growth can compromise the insecticide and clog the filter. Every MistAway mosquito spray system and backyard insect control systems has the ability to agitate the contents to ensure a consistent blend of active ingredients in every mosquito mist.

Protect Against Siphon: If your yard service cuts or nicks your mosquito system's tubing, or disturbs a fitting on a landscape riser, it is possible for the dilute solution to slowly siphon out of the reservoir and leak, unnoticed, into your yard. That's why every MistAway mosquito misting system is designed with a valve that isolates the misting nozzle circuit and prevents such an occurrence.

map of the yard with nozzle placementDetect Leaks: Unless its been engineered to recognize a leak and shut down, when your mosquito spray system starts up, it will pump dilute insecticide through the cut and not through the nozzles. Both our Gen 1.3 drum and Gen III+ tankless systems are capable of recognizing a cut line and suspending operation of the unit until the leak can be repaired.

Respond to Wind Sensor: Every MistAway system has been designed to incorporate an optional wind sensor. The controller is programmed to check the wind speed before each scheduled mosquito mist cycle. It will check the wind every minute for five minutes, and if the wind is above a predetermined speed, the unit will go into hibernation until the next regularly scheduled cycle.

Manage Multiple Zones: A single mosquito misting unit can power a practical maximum of around 60-70 nozzles. Placed every 12 feet, that translates into around 800 feet of protected perimeter. While that is sufficient for most homes, there are properties that demand many more mosquito misting nozzles. Our zone kit can effectively double the number of nozzles that a single unit can drive. Without it, a large installation would require multiple units.

Q: How safe is Pyrethrum or Permethrin?

A: Our recommended Permethrin product will be programed to mist in the wee hours of the morning when your not around the residual will carry you into the following night, and then of course if you do need a dusk mist, simply use your remote control. Or if you choose pyrethrum, pyrethrum insecticides are derived from natural chrysanthemum flowers and are considered to be very low in toxicity. Pyrethrum is considered a "general use" insecticide and is biodegradable. Pyrethrum has been used for decades in the post-harvest treatment of fruits and vegetables as well as treatment for insect sensitive foods like tomatoes as they are transported to supermarkets. Research has shown pyrethrum to be a very safe alternative, even safer than Deets, but we still recommend avoiding direct exposure during the misting cycle.

Q: Is it harmful to pets or children?

A: Pyrethrum insecticides have been used in agricultural and equine applications for a quarter century with no known harmful effects. Other over-the-counter insecticides contain petroleum distillates, oils and solvents that can be harmful.

Q: Will the product hurt my plants?

A: Our recommended pyrethrum insecticides (RipTide) do not contain petroleum distillates, which cause photo toxicity. This is not true of other pyrethrin products.

There are some ultra-sensitive plants that are slightly more susceptible to damage and we will design your system to be effective around these types of plants without killing them.

Q: Will the pyrethrum stain or leave a sticky film?

A: No, RipTide are completely biodegradable and never leave a sticky film or residue. However, synthetic pyrethrins, which contain oil, will leave a sticky residue. Also, synthetic pyrethrins, known as pyrethroids, have a tendency to stain certain surfaces.

Q: How long will it take for the system to work and be effective?

A: The knockdown effect of unwanted insects begins instantly with the first mist. We will set the system up to mist one or two extra cycles during the first two weeks, due to the two-week life cycle of mosquitoes. After the initial two week program, the system will go into a maintenance mode of only a few mist cycles a day. We guarantee you will notice an almost 100% reduction of insects by the end of the first two weeks.

Q: What does it cost to maintain the system?

A: The cost varies depending on the number of nozzles, the frequency of mist cycles, the duration of each cycle and the type of insecticide.

Q: How many times will the system mist?

A: Two to three times a night for 30-40 seconds each cycle is adequate for most yards.

Q: How often do I have to refill the system?

A: This will also depend on the size of your system and frequency of mists. We will supply you with a consumption chart that will give you a better idea, but the typical 55-gallon system, when used according to the programmed schedule, will last 2-3 months between refills.

Q: Can I turn the system off if I don't want it to mist?

A: Yes, you can either use the remote (option) or the control panel, however it will take time to build back up the efficacy you may already be experiencing

Q: What does the rain sensor do?

A: The rain sensor is an option that will shut the system down while it's raining outside. This helps to prevent wasted mist cycles and prolong the time between refills. With our remote option, you can override the rain system if you choose to mist shortly after the rain stops, or the rain sensor will tell the system when to start back up.

Q: How do I know when the system is empty?

A: The low level LED indicator will display "empty".

Q: How "automatic" is the automatic Mist Away System?

A: Our system is fully automatic. You simply set the frequency and duration of mist cycles and the system does the rest.

Q: What maintenance is required?

A: Our maintenance program offers a 100% lifetime warranty on all parts and labor for anything that goes wrong with the system.

During each inspection, we will:

- Check the pump, motor, and electronic control board to ensure that the system is working at its maximum potential

- Replace any malfunctioning parts at no charge, motor, pump, cover etc.

- Clean all filters and the pump

- Check risers and lines to ensure all are properly buried

- Replace clogged nozzles and/or clean nozzles causing chemical drip

- Adjust system throughout year so that mist times coordinate with dusk.

Q: What type of warranty does the system have?

A: The system carries a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty..

Q: Can I take my system with me if I move?

A: Yes, even though the system may bring you a higher selling price when you choose to sell, it can be relocated.

Q: What kind of protection does the Mist Away System offer?

A: The Mist Away System comes with product liability insurance. Be sure to see if other misting systems carry this type of insurance.


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